Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tosca: The Poll

For those of you who attended the performances of Tosca with the Harrisburg Symphony last night or this afternoon, click on this “poll link” which will take you to Stuart Malina’s website. Let us know what you thought of the performance by answering a few simple questions and leaving whatever comments you’d like.

Later, I’ll get around to posting a “post-concert” post (is there another word to use here for either of these uses of the word ‘post’?).

While I know it’s going to be a beautiful day and there are lots of things to do – not to mention other concerts, now that “Spring Concert Season” has rolled around for choirs and colleges – if you haven’t gone to the Saturday night concert (IMHO, awesome!), I really really recommend the Sunday afternoon performance for you.

It starts at 3:00 and should be over by 5:15 – last night’s was over at 10:12 but I think a few people left once the 3rd Act started because they didn’t know how long it was going to be. Perhaps they were afraid the last act was going to be as long as the other two, but it’s only about half as long.

Dr. Timothy Dixon will be giving the pre-concert talk at 2:00 and I recommend this also especially if you don’t know the opera’s story or have never seen an opera before: he’ll give you a good plot-synopsis to set up the performance for you.

Dr. Dick

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