Monday, July 13, 2009

Support for Supporting the Arts in Pennsylvania

If you've ever enjoyed a performance by any of the local arts groups as an audience member; if you have ever had an emotional response to a painting or to a theatrical production; if you have ever felt an epiphany from an experience with something artistic, whether it changed your life or just improved your day; if you have seen the expression on a child's face coming face to face with something artistic that cannot be explained in a government report, you know the importance of art in our every-day lives.

Tuesday morning at 11:00, there will be a rally in the Main Rotunda of the Pennsylvania State Capitol in support of supporting the arts in Pennsylvania.

Organized by Citizens for the Arts, you can read more about it on their web-site and find additional information at Dr. Dick's other blog, Thoughts on a Train.


- Dr. Dick

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