Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Forum: Not Just Another Opening, Another Show!

Old Seats, gone: Old Carpet, going!

Over the summer, the Forum - not only home of the Harrisburg Symphony but also the main "large venue" concert hall in the capital city - underwent a major renovation: ripping out and replacing the old seats and carpeting as well as cleaning the ceiling, re-doing the ceiling lights, and refurbishing those amazing maps across the back wall of the promenade. Oh yes, and completely re-doing the bathrooms which somehow had remained unscathed in previous renovations and were desperately in need of modernization, if nothing else.

And so this weekend's concerts with the orchestra - an All-Beethoven program with the "Eroica" Symphony and the 4th Piano Concerto featuring the return of Alon Goldstein (you can read about the concert in this earlier post here and, about the "composer and the hero," here) - mark the unveiling of the newly renovated auditorium.

Concert times are Saturday at 8pm and Sunday at 3pm, with Truman Bullard offering the pre-concert talk an hour before each performance.

But come early and check out the changes!

Here are some photos of the process, all taken by the HSO's marketing director Kim Isenhour or members of the state's Department of General Services staff, except for the one taken by Sean Simmers and published in the Patriot-News.

The Auditorium stripped down to the bare floor

Scaffolding: working on the ceiling (Sean Simmers, Patriot-News)
Ready to install the new seats

One of the Rest Rooms: Out with the Really Old

As it gets closer to the weekend's concert time, of course, there's the very real concern about the hall being ready in time. And though there's lots of last minute touches going on this week, this is what symphony staff saw on a mid-week visit:

View of the completed seats from the newly sanded stage
Up-Close with the New Seats

The Ladies' Room: Almost Ready
The newly refurbished Starburst in the Forum ceiling!
And the orchestra plays Beethoven, too!

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